Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow Down!

Did you sleep late last night and could wake up on time for your job/school?!
Did you forgot to do something urgent and remembered it later?!
Did your mother tell you something that you have to do right away?!
Are you always on a hurry doing things just to caught up time for yourself!?

Slow down buddy! There's no need for all this rush!  
Take it easy, bit by bit!

If you didn't do something on time then it's not a good thing but in the same time rushing over it to finish it as soon as possible is not a great idea either. Working things quickly might get wrong like if you aren't concentrating you can get mistakes then you'll get to do the whole work all over again that means double waste of time. Also, you'll be in a panic and don't know where or how to start, thinking it out it'll taking a long time in such hurry then again, you'll end up finishing it later than what you were expecting.

If you are late for any reason or matter just be cool, relax, take a deep breath then think carefully and slowly. What is that think you have to finish. Do look at the time you are late or when you have finish at this moment time won't matter much as doing the work in the right way. Think first, act second and by the time passage you'll find yourself doing everything in the right way on the exact time. ~ I'm saying this out my my own personal experience.  

When you are entrusted with a certain task the first thing comes to your mind is doing it. But once you are late you think of finishing it anyhow in a short time. This could mean you will do it in a random way just to finish but you don't realize that you'll just pass the work rather than doing it. Here you have to learn the skill for relaxing. I know it's important, might be your school, job, project, task or anything that you consider your life depends on. But this is also important that you do it int he right way, and that won't happen until you slow down. 

Even if it takes a longer time you will do it so why all the rush. Take any task you're late finishing it and do it in a hurry then again in another day complete it with ease with taking your time. You'll realize the many mistakes you did when you were doing it fast and how neat your work is when you took your time and the amazing part it when you are learning on peace you finish faster than when you are in a hurry. It's true!

 Just relax, take it easy and don't rush. Slow down and everything will be okay =) 


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