Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

We often complain how life is being not-so-happy for us and spread that black thought to others while if we look around carefully we can notice that there are many things we can do to make life better. They are simple yet with great meaning. All we have to do it take action cause happiness doesn't come until you work for it ;) 

Here are 10 simple things to do for a brighten day: 

1. When you wake up have the thought of success and accomplishment and that you would enjoy this day to the fullest. 

2. Put a smile on your face and great everybody with it =) 

3. Offer a help for anyone, your schoolmate, classmate, teacher, boss. colleague or even someone you see needy for a help. 

4. Thank anyone helps you in return and show them how grateful you are.

5. Speak your mind and tell your honest thoughts about things and people around you. 

6. Take matters easily and never push on yourself to finish them. Do them slowly with a spirit and you'll be surprised how fast you end them than what you would have if you rushed. 

7. Enjoy a little chit-chat with others while you are in work/school. 

8. Reward yourself with your favorite stuff when you make achieve something. It'll give you a scene of respect and moving forward. 

9. Always give time for yourself and don't use it all for job, people or anywhere else. 

10. Reading would be my best and all time favorite for any solution, recommendation or suggestions. So do include that too ;) 


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