Saturday, February 18, 2012

Auto Publish Your Blog Posts

When running a blog it is an important element to keep it up to date like posting twice or more per week as mentioned in the Tips for Writing Good Blog post. You can write you topics in advance and get to your dashboard to post them on time. Though this is a good way, you can also try the auto-publishing feature in blogger that allows your posts be published according to a certain date you fix. This way you get more time to do  other stuff then coming here every time for posting your blog. 
 Auto-publishing blog post is known as scheduled posts in blogger and it's as simple as: 

1. Once you finish writing your post click on (Schedule) from the Post Settings on right then 
(Set date and time) and adjust them. 
2. Now click on (Publish). 
You can use this method is you are putting one post at a time. IF you're wishing to post a number of them to schedule then go Dashboard --> All post. Check the ones you want to auto-publish and from the top press on (publish) button and ...
There you have it!

Now your post will automatically be posted on time and date as you chose. It's a simple way to save more time and do more activities along. 

Do tell me your thoughts about it?! 



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