Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Everybody (Thing) Trun You Down

Do you have those days when everyone seems to be against you!?
When no matter what you do they don't admit it?! 
They never thank you and think all the troubles are your mistake?! 
Even things and matters seems to be opposing you, and it's just not your day. 
Well, we all have those times. Cause like we all know life is full of ups & downs. These things normally happen what important is that you never let is get you. Just deal with it positivity & make use of every moment in your life. 

Bright thoughts to lighten up the mood

* Always remember that everybody experiences these stuff. Don't ever think that you are the only one who is facing such problem. There's absolutely no one like that. 

* Know nothing lasts forever. If things not doing according to what you have it mind, then give it some time or recalculate your calculations. You have to know what is wrong and fix it. 

* Remain positive and think and you can benefit from every situation passes you. A smart guy always knows how to make use of things and not use things to use. 

* If someone didn't thank you the way you should be and treated you rude, or even underestimated you or did whatever cause you a bothering mood, don't think of them. Don't take their words seriously. They are just silly, sick and miserable people having fun in ruining others days. If you take action with them you are doing what they want. So leave them and keep the peace of your mind. 

* Family and friends and number one. So always return to them whenever you feel like or need a help, advice, company or just them. 

*  Take a little time for yourself and enjoy your favorite hobby. Being alone sometimes really helps and doing what you love makes you forget about what's around you. Also, accomplishing some thing wants you to keep on moving. 

Always remember, you are who you are. No matter how people let you down and no matter they are, you will always be you. Your values, thoughts, actions, respect and everything unless you stop believing and go with what people say. 

So always keep this in mind... Be your true self =) 


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