Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rude People!? Just Ignore Them!

The world is a combination of people. Good, bad, smart, lazy, idiot, evil, moderate and so on. One of the group that all of us know very well and didn't miss the change to meet this is the ... annoying rude people!
Yes! I'm pretty sure that there's not a single person who didn't meet them. Or maybe he is the rude person himself. Most of the time they bring troubles and do a lot of argues with others and of course there's that RUDE attitude. They are most of the time avoided due to their bad behaviors. Meeting them is almost a certain thing in life but that's not what matters, the important thing is to know how to deal with them. 

You can find them in your school, work place, marking shops, on the street or just anywhere around. I'm not try to make the world miserable just showing you that these are here and there and when you know how to deal with them you won't be as much as annoying being around and know how to go in life smoothly even if such people exist. 

Like I mentioned some of their attitude before, they are mainly annoying and just ruin your mood. They do this for many reason that concern them.

- They might be upset from a personal matter that has something to do with their life. 
- They are just like that, the kind of people that finds joy in hurting and annoying others. 
- They are sick people who think their job is to spoil others days and lives. 
 - They might lives a bad life in the past and now putting it up on everybody else. 
Sure there are more reason but these are some of what I notice in common between them. So now to the important part; how to deal with them!? 

As I said, rude people annoy others and they find they job in ruining others days, so the best thing would be ... IGNORING THEM. How would this help you say?! Well, the main point for a rude people is getting him into an argue by any bad attitude, once you reply back they get happy cause you paid attention to them and start their rude method you ruin your mood and mind. Then you get upset and act madly thinking all day about what happened. If you ignore they will get mad cause their plan isn't working which is you make you upset then they get mad and you get to keep the peace of your mind. 


Always remember that rude people will always be rude. What they say never ever matter. You are who you are, it's not what they say or how they treat you. You got your family and true friends that know your true value. So don't ruin it for not-worth-it people. 

Don't you agree with me!? 


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