Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Secret for a Good Mood

Every morning we wake up for a new day, we look forward to many things. Meet friends, play with them, make new dishes, watch movies, hang around with guys, do little shopping and other stuff that we love. We are always looking for a fun day, quality time to spend. But there are days when we're just not in the mood no matter how beautiful that day is. 

You don't just feel like it though every thing is great.  
 Why?! Cause of your mood

In one of my previous posts I wrote about how to chase away the black mood. Today, I'll talk about the secret of having a good mood for whole day long. As you know we human being are subject to change our minds, thoughts, opinions. Mood is one of them too but that last one changes according to the conditions around us. Sometimes we expect a certain matter but once it doesn't happen we get upset and enter the black mood right away. It's not good in many ways. You can hurt people around you by shouting at them or saying things you really don't mean. It's not going to do you any good with your health either. 

So, what to DO if such things came into your life?! 

Just take it easy (I know! Saying is easier than done! But at least you can try, right?!) Things - some of them - are that important and you know you always have another chance. If your father didn't come today from his work to take you were you both planned then don't feel upset. Just give him another chance, he might have gone busy today. If your friends didn't do any work you asked them to, excuse them for things you don't know. These things happen in life, don't expect to live without them.  They will happen whether will like it or not all we gotta do it deal with them.
The secret for good mood

The main secret is to control your mind. I mentioned this in many past posts like talking about confident, positive thinking and contentment. Once you adjust your mind on a certain status your whole life and even mood will go on that condition. If ever something unexpected came by you will know how to deal with it and think positive afterwords then remain in a good mood for a whole day. 

The thing is, people are filled with emotions and thoughts. When they are hyper they get to be in a good mood and do their tasks in extra energy. When they are down and upset for any reason they tend to do their work slowly with many mistakes cause the mind is taking their space of time and thoughts. If that's the source of all humans acts why not control it for a good mood and better performance. 

For one day try this, wake up with high hopes and believe that everything is going to be okay and work really smart with effort for it. If anything came into your way try to fix it flexibly with positive solutions. If it didn't work out give it more time and try again. The important thing is that you don't lose your peace of mind. Later, at the end of the day, you'll notice that you've been in a good mood for the whole day =) 


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