Saturday, February 25, 2012

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

What do you see in this picture?! 

Perhaps the first thing gets into your mind that's you are seeing a BLACK DOT.

 That's exactly how human beings are! 

They only see the one tiny little mistake in a person and forgets or overlooks the whole goodness (white) in that man. When you just look at someone from one point of view you misjudge them, be unfair to them and miss all the good things. 

See behind everything, don't get along with what's in front of you. Real things values are inside and not seen with the eyes. They are felt with hearts. 

It's a sayings with a truly great meaning... "Never judge a book by it's cover

Next time you meet someone don't rush in judging them, wait a bit and know them in hard times where true feelings and actions show up then you'll know their true self =) 


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