Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Treasure of Memories

There's nothing like golden memories to lighten up the load and bring cheers 
and happiness of the good old days. 

Good and Bad Memories

We don't have pink and sweet events all the time. There are good, happy, fun events then there are also the bad, gloomy, sad ones. Either way, we are always trying to fill our head with all the lovely things just to remember them when time pasts by. The more we enjoy life, the more we will be remembering it later in our life. Sometime, unpleasant things happen out of control. The best to do it let it pass and don't make any additional act for it, cause all we're going to do will be stored and effect on our soul afterwards. 

Treasure Box

Memories are treasure for the future. When you did all the things you wanted, lived the happy moments, ate every good you desired, talked with people and all those lovely things, then you can't do it anymore but still there's one thing that relives all this and that is the memory. You can picture yourself back, see how you were, remember the events and moments. There's a way, a flash of light where you can see it and live through your imaginations there. It's like an album of photos, a video tape, a letter and all the media that makes you live that life again. 

Something you can't call anything but ... TREASURE

By time passage, things change and whatever happens adds in your treasure box for the time when you will need them just to cheer up or share with the ones you love. So always try to keep the good ones in, Awful and annoying matters can't be stop, but you can always let it and ignore cause like I always say, never lose your peace of mind and soul for those who don't deserve it.  

I hope you enjoyed this and love to hear from you a cheerful memory in any event =)


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