Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why You Should Blog

Blogging has more than a purpose

* For those who want to spread education. 
* Business mind and company talk. 
* Sharing personal posts. 
* A blog for the whole family and the news that goes around. 
* Blogging just for its sake. 

Wither way, you always say your own opinion and thoughts in it. It's your words, it's you who are presenting to the world. A blog is more than a place where you get comments and earn a little bit extra cash. It's showing the world that you are here and you have a voice to show up with. 

Blog is My Story  
No matter what reason you are up to behind your blog, there's always a word of personal opinion. The unique point of view for you. Even if everybody taking a turn in it you can always tell how it would have been if they followed your way. The place where you write  your story with questions and answers. 

My blog is a logo of my experiences, posts I liked, sharings, tips and tricks I learnt, community posts from other blogs, pictures and all the stuff that shows me and who I am. 

Why Blog!?

That is the main topic of this post. Like I said before, everyone has their own word and opinion for things about them. You write your story, your thoughts, your world and sharing it with others. It's a way to connect with the link minded people, a way for exchanging information, learn from them and let the world know you are there. 

A blog is the community for people for the same interest to read. Who knows, you might let some one benefit from what you got, correct their mistake, take a relation back or just brighten up their day with your jokes, smiles and stories. It's your own world where you rule things as you want and have your own audience.

Writer's Block  
There are days when you run out for ideas to write for. There's always one thing or another to share it with the world. Here are some writer block that can help you out

- Link to communities and share your thoughts with them.  
- Ask questions and let the reader involve in make the post. 
- Share another post from a blog you liked. 

- Reblog a post from your blog. 
- Host guest posts.

These are some tips that will help you when you run out of ideas at some days. Always remember to read others blog to get inspired and write your own point of view about. 

Don't forget to comment with links to your blog, I'd love reading what you got <3

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