Monday, April 16, 2012

Let Me Give You a Hand!

Don't you need it sometimes?! 

At points when things seems to be out for control and you can finish it on time. When they you it should be done by tomorrow or tonight you seek for that person who can help you do your job. A helping hand is really needed sometime as well as given a person one. 

At a world where people have become busier than ever, they need assistants to do a part of their job or task. To lighten the load and do it till it's purpose. A great sense of relief you find afterwards and a thoughtful sense of gratitude for that who helped you out. Just imagine yourself without their kindness and offer of landing a hand. 

The other way around

If you're a capable person you're probably likely to finish you stuff fast with quality then help someone out. Whether they ask you for it or you just do it from your own, both are appreciated.  Helping others doesn't mean just you're finishing your work quickly, it means you have a great sense of humanity, kindness, corporation and trustworthy. A helpful person always make the day, and without them the world would have came until where it is now. Look into the history and you'll find a lot of evidence of how humanity of helping developed the world to what it is now. 
Help is needed, not deserved

What does this mean?! Let's say that your co-worker got sick all of a sudden and someone needs to cover up important work for him but this person isn't that much of a mannered one. He shouts sometimes, throw things away and act rudely whenever somebody annoys him. Would you help him out?! 
Answer: Yes! Why? Cause he needs it!

If no one did his job, it might gather up and once he's back he can't do it on his own then end up having more trouble and even getting fired! No matter what that person is, he needs a hand and he should get it. You can't say if he deserve or not cause every people no matter what their status is they need help every now and then. 

Keep in Mind!

There's that well know thing about points you have to keep in mind when doing any specific thing. Here are the 4 points you have to keep in mind. 

1. Help those who need it. They all might not deserve it but help is needed for everyone. 
2. Do it from your heart. Don't seek for any favor in return. 
3. Bear with them when they are the rude type, cause it's the help they need. 
4. Always consider the person's status when you are offering them your help. 

Remember, everyone needs a help just like you. Whenever you feel like you can give someone, help them out. You sure will love it when it happens with you =) 


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