Sunday, April 8, 2012

Running the Modern Life Style

In the past 10 years things have develop in an unbelievably speed to bring life style to what it is now. Compared with the past century people are moving forward really fast now. At the beginning it was hard and they took a lot of time to introduce a new gadget, method or anything to the world. Of course, there was that denying too where they didn't except their ideas and had to fight a lot to keep their words. 

In our modern life today we can see many things that changed our life to another level if it's not always the good, there are also the bad along side. There are so many things that we just can't live without or the day isn't done if not included. Internet happens to be one of it and everyone is involved to it directly or indirectly. 

The Network That Made The World a Small Place

Thanks to it, a lot of opportunities were open for people. Jobs, educations, project, business, games, marketing, communities, meeting people and all the other stuff that they couldn't do in real life. It's like a portal to the other side of the world while you are sitting in your own room on you won bed. An amazing that past ones won't believe it they were here now! Imagine that you want to study in a certain university that is in the other side of the world, all you have to do it just go to their website and register for your class, how cool is that!?

The internet has enabled us to do many things, in the same time it couldn't stop the disadvantage that will come along. We all know everything in the world has two ends depending on how YOU use it. Although you might be doing the right thing, when others take the wrong path you might be a victim for their foolishness. 

Some of the not-so-favorite bugs can face you on the net

- Stealing data and personal information
The worse one ever. This is one likely happens in social media and when you chat or add a stronger in your network. 
- Copy rights
You can upload a work of your own, photograph, design, worksheet, book but never expect it to be like that forever. Sooner or later, at some point it will have a copy right issue. Internet is all about that. 
- Annoying comments
Well, it's not just in the internet, we meet a long of annoying people in real life too but here you will get a lot since you can't completely stop them unlike real life where you can face them and force them to quit. 
- Wasting time
Many people problem these days that they spend more time in the net than will their friends and family. They are into another world away from reality. They have forgotten their place. failing in school, not seeing their parents, living a lose life and even having illnesses sometimes.

Like all the other modern stuff, internet is a gift too from god. If you're going to get the most of and stay away from its disadvantage just use it for your won sake. It's okay to add a little fun but don't overreact and let it take over you. 
Internet at Your Hand

Knowing how to use a certain matter gives you results as you want. Putting a plan or a useful method has always been my favorite way of getting advantages from things.

* List of site to visit
Don't just sit on the internet cluelessly not knowing what you want or how to get fun. You gotta have a certain plan to do in the net, not that I'm telling don't have fun and play games. You can do all that but according to things to do later or before it. List your favorite sites, social media or games then update them every time according to a period you choose. 
* Once every time
The thing with the internet is they don't see you. In real life if you don't make an even they still know you are there cause they can see you while in the internet the case is different. If you don't update they think you aren't there even if you log in cause simply they can't see you. So try to update your profile, community, forum and group every time. Like once every 2 days. 3 or 4 times a week and so on just to stay active and get updated. 
* No for multi-tasks 
Not exactly avoiding it just when you open many works together you end up doing nothing but jumping here and there. When you only focus on one thing it will end up soon cause you're actually doing it while doing multi-tasks you're just looking at them and wasting time. 
* Rude people
I've wrote about this one many times. There the topic about Rude People Online and Rude People?! Just Ignore them! As you read these you'll know there's nothing much you can do but ignoring them. You can also take the action as mentioned in those posts. Always expect them to pop up not in a negative way but they will be there and you just won't wast your time with them. 

Remember, the internet is a tool just like any other. Like I said before its result depends on how we use it. And always know that you are in reality and never let it take you away from that or your family and friends. 
Happy surfing =)            


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