Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tik! Tok! … Tik! Tok!

Hear that ?! yes , you are right. It's the clock.

It's the time that never stops and keeps on going no matter what!
Even now that I'm writing this , it goes.
Even now that you are reading this, it goes.

The amazing thing is, it never ever ever stop. And by it continuous huge events happen. Once in every move a second happens. In every 60 moves a minute happen . If the minute goes on for another 60 times then the hour happens. Same goes with the hour when it makes 24 move a whole day happens.  See how unthinkable it is? Just by one move and keep going on it makes all these events happen.  In between you can do a lot.  
But BEWARE!    
Time is something you have to handle or should I say deal with extra care.
Why ?! Because …
If you can mange to take advantage from time to your sake then you win the both of them.
You work in the time you took and the time itself . Two birds with one stone.

BUT ! If you don't take advantage from your time. Then nothing will stop time from going on. And it's your lose when you don't come up with some thing useful in the time past by you. See that ?! it's really some thing that deserves to think about, take advantage from and use wisely.
Time is the most precious thing anyone can have.
* Even poor people got it.
* Even the rich people with all their money can't buy any more.
* Scientists can't invent or make time for people.
* Everyone has the same amount no more and no less.
* Once it's gone away , it'll never come back again. 

For some matters in life can be recovered and return back. For example, if you lose money in any field like the marketing for instance. Then later, you can cover it when you success in your business. Or , if you break something. You can easily buy it again from any shop or anywhere else. But for time it's an impossible issue. When you were a kid or a young guy back in your childhood, and didn't take advantage in that time of life you find yourself useless in the future and wish you can go back to fix things in earlier time of your life. You surely now that it's impossible . Cause simply , age is matter of time. And for time it's impossible to return it back.
Either it's NOW or NEVER

Time really is a great gift from god and we should use it wisely. Other wise we are the ones who are going to lose. Take advantage in every moment you can , and keep in mind that what goes now in the mean time can NEVER EVER come back again when you want later in the future.


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