Monday, April 2, 2012

What Did You Learn?!

As life goes by, people we meet, events that happen and things that we see we learn a lot from this life. Some are good some are bad but all are experiences that helps us in our lives. 

What did you learn?!
Lists and things I learnt by dealing with humans and living on this earth. 

I learnt...

* That life goes on no matter what. 
 * No matter how bad people say about money they all need it. 
* Most of the people in the world are random. 
* Those who invent, make new stuff and develop the world to the best are rare. 

* You thinking comes before everything else. 
* A girl should be with the one loves her and not the opposite. 
* When feelings are done success comes. 
* Success is a hard way, that's why most of the people don't take it. 

* If you don't love and understand yourself no one will. 
* With will you can get anything you want. 
* You learn more in a year than the 4 years you spend in collage. 
* Self teach is the best teach at all. 

* Being tough sometimes helps. 
*  True love is much precious than gold, gem and diamond cause it doesn't exist anymore.
* A hurtful word hurts and lasts long (or maybe forever) than a hurtful act. 
* People will say a lot but when you get in trouble for doing what they wanted they won't help. 

* Once you stop you go backwards. 
* Happiness doesn't not come nor it is found in anything, it's us who have to choose being happy.
* A person is by how much he does not say. 
* No matter how much you do people will never be satisfied with that, so why worry about them and not just care for your own self and business?!

These are some things I learnt from life.  

What about you!? Share with us what you leart =) 


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