Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Best Media Uplaoding Sites

With the many pictures, videos and albums these days, one needs a place to keep them all for sharing, saving or backup in case the copy on any hard disk is lost. Putting it up in the internet with the right privacy settings is a great idea. 


Here are the ones I recommend for their features

1. Photobucket: My No.1 choice.  Simply it's easy to use, quick and really handy. You can upload your pictures as well as your videos. Follow people, or they follow you back and of course set the privacy for anything you like. There are fun themes to design your albums with, and make sideshows. Registration is required but it won't take more than 60 sec.

2. Flickr: This one is associated with Yahoo! Another handy site for uploading you photos and pictures. As a real neat way for displaying your files. Also, registration is required. 

3. Herosh: A simple an quick site for those who don't like to register anywhere and start their business right away. This unique site allows you to upload 5 photos at once. Like uploading, there's an option to make your own account to save your files for later use. 

4. Imageshack: This is another site just like the previous one. You can upload right away or just make your own account to save your photos in albums on the site. 

5. Picasa: Another uploading site associated with the famous search engine. Uploads photos and videos. You'll have to make an account in google to able to use this site. 

What other uploading site do you use?! Add and share with the world =)


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