Sunday, April 1, 2012

Self Destruction

When reading this the first thought that comes in mind that are done for machines or other applications to finish it off. That is true alright but this post isn't about stuff destruction, it's about self destruction, that is one's self. 

Now you maybe wondering how can one destruct himself. 

There's that thing where they kill themselves or take it to the doom with drugs and stuff. But this topic is a whole different thing from these all. It's about the things people do which leads them to destruction and worst part yet is that they don't know about it!

Self Destruction

Is to make your life miserable and unhappy by doing things that kills yourself, soul and heart all by yourself. The strong points is all focused on how much people will react back at it. So what are the things that destroy one?! There are a lot, like; being cocky, snooty, rude, loud (in a bad way) talking back and all that sort of stuff. 

When if comes to treating people badly you will feel bad about but eventually by time passage it will be a habit for you and you won't feel uncomfortable about it anymore. This won't stop until here, people will try to avoid you for you bad behave. They will talk with you less and even if they do they will do it without any interest. You will be bothered for that. It will make you feel lonely and sad. Also, when you won't be in mood you'll just keep doing things wrong and have many mistake again you will get miserable and get upset over time.

All these will effect on your spirit, you won't feel like going on anymore, talking with people, trying new things, face the world and all the other activities that will make you feel alive. Here you are self destructed all done by yourself and your own hand. The all story begun with you when you took the wrong path the start will, when you will angry and treat people badly, they respond to you in the same will then you got lose in black moods. 

Bad stuff always kills one and brings all the trouble for him. It will never ever benefit you instead it will lead you to your doom in worse scenarios cause it effects no one but you. And before you know it you'll find yourself took another path already, a bad one! So always consider what you are doing. If you ever done any mistake apologize right away, when some one did a favor to you thank him from your heart. When anyone wins greet them with true feelings and always look up for what you are doing =) 


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