Saturday, June 23, 2012

Believe & Trust

They say trust is earned not given. 

To trust is to be ready for believing anything that person says, even when anything means the unbelievable stuff cause there is more than just the matter itself. 

Earning Trust
It's not an easy matter as the meaning differs according to thoughts and believes. You can't trust anyone just once you see them, you can't even give it to them after awhile when you know their nature. It takes more and more than that. 

Trust is something should be taken very carefully. There are times when you see people do the impossible for you yet you can't depend on them fully. Just doing what you want or some help from time to another isn't enough to give the trust. Sometimes, people are sincere just to take your trust so they can play with it later so you ought to look out for that.

The best way to know whether a person really deserves your trust of not is when you are in trouble, hard time and real need for someone to in at your side when everybody else left you. That is the time when feelings are at the purest because what you are under will reflect on your action naturally without planning and just then you can tell you really deserves your trust.

To believe in someone with heart and getting betrayed is greater than being disappointing after giving them a chance. Cause in the first one you had your heart and rest in but the second one is just a guess. So be careful with who you believe and trust.  


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