Sunday, June 3, 2012

Siblings! Fights, Shares and Love!

Either you have a brother or a sister you have that special connection with them. A sibling, non like other, has always been in your life. They know your secrets, stories, who you got dumb by, your lovers, what you love and hate the most and every other tiny detail. They are the persons who have slept in the same bed, ate on the same table and had bath on the same bath! Compared with your best and close friends there isn't anybody in this world closer than them.


I have 2 sisters, one is older than me and the other is younger than me. And a young brother. Despite how much we fight and differ in opinion we have a very strong bound and always together. I've been asked many times how I maintain such strong relation with my sibling and what are the ways to lead for friendly relation with them. 

Like I said before, they know almost everything in our life. One if the simplest thing I followed is asking for their opinion and thoughts about things that matter me. I know we may not agree every time but at least I get them involved with me and see what they think of what I'm doing. It's a way to let them know what you are up to. Try to update them with your latest happening in school, collage, work or even with friends and outside hanging out. In return listen to what they got and ask them how their day went. It will be as if you guys were together all the time. 

Every person has his own ideas and thoughts and it's almost rare to find two agree mostly on the same thing. It's the case with my sisters, we almost think the same, do the same and even agree on the same thing. It's as if we are a 3 person man. This probably happens when you spent the early childhood together just like twins do. Haven't you realized how they act, dress and even think together?! It's because they have been like that even since they were born. You might not be like that but at least you have keep in connect with them. 

Fights and Break up

It's a natural thing to have fights, get mad or even break up with someone and not talk to them for a while but what matter here is how you take it and end it. Fight with siblings happen, for some reason I think they are not health if taken personally and seriously cause in the end it's only a differ in opinion or something along that line. Keeping something against them can grow up eventually since it's associated with emotion and end to horribly sad ends.

Whenever you have fights with them let it pass by peacefully. It's okay to express and stop talking with each other for that moment only, or say your point of view right away in their face but don't keep that electronic atmosphere for a long time. In the next minute you meet again you talk as if nothing happened. I usually do that and let the bygones begone. It's so simple and it you're not used to it give it a try and practice to let things go. In the end it's just a point of view for each of you that doesn't need all this war. 

Keeping a healthy and strong relation with any one need many skills and patient with their mistakes. Sibling will understand this more and go with it, the biggest reason that you guys would be back no matter what is that you live in the same place and do common stuff. Even of you are mad you will meet up for a certain thing later then you'll have to work it out. 

My relation with my sister is almost spiritual, what about you?! 
Who do you got?! And what things you follow to maintain your good relation with them!?


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