Sunday, June 24, 2012

Don't Cry! Time Will Come!

Since this is my personal blog and where I write my personal stuff and stories from my life, today I'll just say what I learnt and what really happened and not just a tale. 

After being in my new job for almost 6 months and treating everybody with respect although they have been rude with me at some points, taking advantage of me cause I'm young and taking bad stuff behind my back when I didn't say a thing about them it taught me that I have to be on my own. I have to think really about before saying anything or giving decisions. 

I'm short tempered and even though I control it all the time it just went out of my hands. I yelled this time and I think it was the first time ever. Because at the end I'm just a human being and I have limits for everything no matter how strong I show myself. Still I'll try to be tougher and not waste a tear for those who don't deserve it. At the end they aren't the one who worth crying for and victory will be mine as long as I'm right and didn't do anything wrong. Believing isn't that easy but it needs practice. 



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