Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LANGUAGES . languages . ℓăŋğυăğĕş

There are lots of things that can grab ones attention and interest him to know more. I sure did find a number of those, one of them that I like very much is the Language. It's interesting and fun in the same time. As I experienced in life I can say the language is one of the ways to communicate with people and understand each other. This communication is bunch of signs and sounds that one's is different from the other.

 So, aside all that…. 
What's so interesting in this language stuff !?

Well, I always like to see things from different point of view. Like, have you ever wondered how can everyone understand people around them just with few movements from their mouth which presents a specific sounds (a word, letter or sentence as we know)!? Or how is that one person can't understand another even if he's talking just because their language isn't the same!? I mean this language itself. We know that there are nous, verbs and particle in any of them. But if you are going to say that as a language you'll have to remember lots of vocabularies ~ thousands perhaps and the verbs have to conjugated not to mention looking out for numbers and genders (female and male that is) . You don't have to think when you want to say them . You even don't have to learn it either. Yes, that's true.

I don’t remember any baby attending into school to learn how to speak, although all the rules vocabularies and verbs mentioned before they caught up with it just by hearing. Not even paying any attention or giving an effort to get it. On the other hand when you know how to talk , old enough and know many things once you start on learning a new language it isn't as easy as the first one you learnt. It takes lots of time and a great effort to see some results and be able to speak the new language. Isn't this all something unthinkable !?  I mean those people who can speak more then one are really amazing , just knowing that makes me think either how much effort they made or how smart their mind is to get all this.


Speaking of multi languages, that reminds me of another thing. In general, there are two kinds of people in this world concerning the language they know: the first one only knows one language that is their native one, the second kind knows multi languages naturally. Meaning that they catch up with it in the same time they catch up with the native. So, when seeing some one from that group it isn't a surprising thing. Must people really expect that from them. Asia is one of the second group ~ which is obviously I'm from too ^^.

As knowing multi languages I sure can say there are lots of difference in these kind of things. Sure every matter needs time and effort but as you all know always there's an easy and a difficult. But I like to note that when I say difficult it doesn't mean that I don't know it until now, or it's hard on me. NO ! It's a general opinion about the language itself from my point of view. Same goes with the easy one, it doesn't necessarily means that I know it all.  

AGAIN !  Just an opinion from my point of view.

So yeah, ever since I was in nursery and until high school I've always seen the Arabic language is the difficult one from the others I know. It has it's own magical things within it. Still until now I kinda enjoy the Arabic novels when I read them (only the grammar) and keep on wondering the their tough rules. On the other hand , I haven't seen an easier language then the English. HONESTLY ! It's just too easy to learn, specially the grammar. I haven't seen anything easier then that in my life . And it's fun too. Other then that , I found the Japanese language easy as well < next to English that is > I caught up a lot from it without learning and it's grammar is HELL EASY! Not to mention how amusing it is . I really enjoy my time when ever I start my lessons. 

Guess this much is enough to show you the interesting side of languages and few of my thoughts about it along with the languages I know and my states with them

Sure hope you got a new idea about it .


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