Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Give Away To Get In Return

Yes. Have you ever noticed that there are many treatments in our live take this system to process?!! In order to learn you have to give money. In order to hear good chat you have to start talking with some one. In order to have friends help you whenever you need them you need to be a good friend for them. Even here, if I want to get some good comments I have to write on your blog first then you'll give me some thing in return. 

Sometimes, when you don't get a result think if you did anything in the first place to deserve getting something in return ?! you can't just do nothing and sit waiting for good news.

I remember when I was a newbie to the net world I heard lots of stuff about it from people around me then I used to get in sites, videos, blogs and so on. I even made my first e-mail and was waiting for may things to be sent at my inbox but what I didn't think at the time; how can messages be sent to me when I even didn't do anything ?!How can they be interested in me ?! Know me ?! what have I said about myself ?! There's absolutely nothing I did to get in return, in other word ... I didn't give any thing away.

Even a famous business man said this once, he said by doing this you build a trust between people so they'll do as you tell them. It's a good thing, no?!!

So, always remember guys; in order to get anything ...
Give some thing away.


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