Thursday, June 21, 2012

Optimism or Pessimism?!?

Some people like to see the world white around them. Every thing will be alright, there's nothing to worry about, I'm expecting the best all the time, no need to think about it.
It's all pink X pink world for them.

While others...

are like, why the sky is cloudy today?! I don't think I can make it! It's getting worse by the minuet . He's died I knew. There's no hope in this world. No wayImpossible! It's totally a black world for this group of people.
So basically, it's either optimism or pessimism

Of course, optimism is a good thought and you all know how important it is to stay positive. But in a way or another, I see that in the pessimism too!!

How's that!??

For instance, let's say I'm planning to go to park today in a cold evening after many days of rain. First thing I'll think of that the sky will rain and the plan will be ruin as a pessimism. Then, when time comes and the weather condition didn't show up as I imaged it would be more like some thing better happen then what I was expecting and I'll feel lucky XD

Doesn't that feel like optimism but in another way ?! You can even use yourself on accepting everything you get. Like of course, if the weather did show up as you where thinking then you won't be upset since you already knew that as a guess. It's better then optimism itself cause when they don't get results as they dream of they get disappointed, no ?!

I do think (or to be more specific) optimism this way for the reasons I mentioned before. It's more like finding a new way in doing usual stuff people do everyday.


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