Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Appreciate The Hard Times

During these times you grow
You mind thinks of ways to deal with them and know how to over come them then it grown. If you stay on one tone and nothing comes into your way, you won't think of solution and in the future when you face one you'll lose for sure. 

Experience and lessons
One can't learn until he makes mistakes and from those mistakes lessons and learnt. It might be a hard time for you but in the same time you are processing something. All those hard work and smart thinking won't just go by, it will pay up in the end. 

The changing point
Whenever you have some hard times means that your life is changing, to better or worse is something you decide with you actions toward it. It you deal with it positively it will bloom that way for sure, and same goes for the opposite. 

The wind isn't cool and quite everyday, there are days when it blows everything away and you just shelter with your home. Similarly with situations in life, shelter with knowledge and skill to let it pass.


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