Saturday, July 7, 2012

Don't Give Up

I know it's easier to say than gone. 

But if you really look into the essential meaning you'll notice it has a lot. It's not easy to fight but if you have faith you can get to were you want. Patient is an important and must item you can't continue life without it not just in any fight but in all matter of your life. 

At times the whole world will seem to be against you, it's normal and that's why victory tastes even delicious whenever the troubles you face is bigger. I'm not meaning to have them that way but the more you can solve the more you feel better. What hurt at this point when it's a long time, and things keep on getting worse and worse. You only got your believes and innocence to hold on with. There are people we think are friend and can lay on them on these times but the get shocked when they turn out something else. It's either they are wrong choose or just easy mind persons who go with whatever they hear without making sure of them first. 

This is the moment you have to grab anything to make you strong. Mood and spiritual status are really important and they play a golden rule in surviving. You might just wanna disappear from the world but think of yourself before anything else. If you're really not wrong then why leave it like that?! If it's not you then someone else will solve this problem sooner or later, the different will be that you didn't do it while you could have. 

At times things seem to be dreadful but you have to go through them and that's one of the best ways you learn and get to be strong don't ever give up.  


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