Monday, July 30, 2012

No Matter What, Things Have an End

Just like less than a month ago I was the replacement for an employee who went on a vacation. Her job wasn't that easy at first and I was so afraid to cover up for her since she alone used to take too much while that time I had to do two persons job, mine and hers. 

Now, it's over and been almost one month already. 

Sometimes fear captures us from doing stuff we really can do. It might be from failing in doing it or just not having the enough confident of accomplishing it. All these can't be passed unless we really give it a try by itself. If we success in doing it we'll gain more confident and know what we are able to do. If not, we'll know where's our weakness and work on them. It's our win success either way. 

That's what I learnt from my experience in that period. 

No matter how scared we are, we will go in that time and carry those tasks. All we gotta do is remain positive. There will be some hard times but that's how we will learn. And remember no matter what time will come to an end. No matter how long it is, one day it will be over and you'll miss those days cause it'll be like an adventure to you. 

Sometimes you can't really realize how great that thing is until it's over cause in that time your mind is on the stress and only thinking of how to end it. Once it's over you'll think of the missing stuff you used to do and know how fun it really was. Just like me!

If you have to do it, then give it your best shot. You are going to get something or another from everything in life. It's an adventure where you rule out and discover. 


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