Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forget & Forgive

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  Today's question: If anyone apologized for being wrong, would you ever forgive them?!  Knowing how they rude, curl and bad-mannered they are.

Forgiving is something not easy at all. And being injustices-ed by other person is even a greater matter. To be wrong with someone isn't like to be wrong with yourself or even with god. He will forgive for what we do but humans don't ever do that, only for few. That's because of the feelings god left in us. We feel and have emotion according to what's around us. We it's clear, fair and nothing is done toward someone then all of a sudden - out of hater - they lose my right and be wrong with me, I'll totally be hurt and my heart will cry. 

If they apologize for me later I can't accept it from them no matter what. If I let it go this time they might think that it's okay to hurt since I already forgave once I can do that again. So every time they will hurt me and then take my forgiveness easily later on. 

Not to forgive is showing that I'm hurt for what they did and what they said. If I forgive that, it'll mean that the first thing they didn't wasn't a thing at all. And no matter what happen the wound will be there. Just like a wall that hits pins in them they when you remove it the whole still remind and they can't be fixed. Similarly being wrong with me. The faults are pins that hit my wall - heart, feelings - and when they say sorry and remove them, my soul - the wall - will contain all the hurting stuff they did - the holes - so it can't be forgotten. 


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