Sunday, July 29, 2012

Solving Blog Redirecting to Another Site Issue

Many of you might have noticed that my blog was almost gone in the last month. It used to redirect to another site full of links which is obviously a spammy one. 

At first I thought it was hacked, then I started to look for the reason. I considered the URL and the template for the blog. I changed the sub domain with made me lose my ranking but nothing happened, the problem was still there. Later, I tried looking for the any tag in the template page. There for my surprise I realized that I can't edit it cause that page redirects to that spammy site as well. 

I was frustrated but I just knew I have to get this back anyhow. I googled about this problem and turned out it's a hijack not hacking. There is difference between these two since as far as I tell the first one can be fix and you are mostly the reason behind it while the second one is gone for sure like bye-by!

So what is hijaking?! 
It's more like what happened to my blog, that the URL is right there, the dashboard, login and everything but the main page can't be displayed and goes to another site. Most of the time a page full of links just to get traffic by spamming. 

There are many ways that a blog can be hijacked and sometimes it's us to help these things happen. YES! US! Lacking knowledge in such stuff is the main reason. 

Here are the some of them

* Using many untrusted links in your posts
* Putting photos from other sites without cutting the links
* Using gadgets from unknown sites such as Chinese ones
* Publishing your blog in spammy places where it might get hacked or hijacked 
* Google ads can be a reason as well for such stuff  

I've read these through google and did try some of them like removing the ads and cutting off some links. Of course not all of them since there are more than 300 posts in this blog. I also tried the note method to search for any link in my blog template but nothing turned out. 

Lastly, I was moving the gadgets and while I was reviewing them I saw one that I myself didn't know what it was. My sister, who helped me fix this problem, told me that it was that Japanese ghost gadget I got from someone's blog cause it looked cute and talks when you point at him. When I was removing that one I saw in the box the main bug and the place where that blog redirects too. Seems like some sort of coding or something but anyhow once I removed that my blog become green. Meaning it's safe now and no more spammy sites!

So remember, whenever you put a picture always use your hosting account like flicker, photobucket or any other one you own, don't just put any link or gadget in your blog or else you'll end up like me. 
Safe blogging bloggers =)


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