Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Minutes Friday: Story

It's Friday where we join Lisa-Jo to write for 5 minutes every week.

5 minutes only , you speak your mind about that certain topic. No backing, no over thinking. Just let your heart write whatever it has. It doesn't matter if it's written right or wrong. Express yourself and be free. 

Won't you join me too for today's topic which is about: Story

I'll set the timer on 5 minutes, ready?


Almost 2 years ago I was looking for a job. I was so needing one for money, experience and meet up with new people to learn from them. I always knew that learning doesn't end by graduation, it goes far beyond that and you can learn from anything. 

Later on, I found a few jobs and I didn't like them that much still I learnt a lot. I made this blog specially to write down things I learnt cause I believe someone else can benefit from and could inspire them to do something new in their life. 

It's a story of an ordinary Asian girl who's struggling between different culture and can't find a place to call home expect for those who are like her mentally.

Yes! This is my story and this is my life. 


What is your story?! 


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