Saturday, July 14, 2012


Is something we often of mostly look up for in everything we do. That's what adds the beauty to our work and in the same time it is what stops we from doing what we want. 

Yes! Sometimes when we get this really awesome idea just because it's great by itself we think of ways to present it in the best way ever, in other meaning a perfect form then by spending many time on it we delay or the excitement just dies. 

I won't talk about the positive and feature of promoting your stuff in a perfect way cause that's all good but I'll just reflect some light on how thinking too much of perfection might stand between us and our fabulous achievements. 

Whatever you have in mind is awesome and unique, none thought of it before and it's all yours. So, however you're going to present that will be great for those reasons. And the best part of all, you are speaking your mind, your thoughts and what you really think of. It's really easier that way and people can see through you transparently. It allows them to communicate with you in a frank way since you're not too complicated in their eyes. 

By taking what you got in action you'll get more things done than doing it in a perfect way. In fact, just going in this way will make your work perfect faster than when wanting to get it perfect from the first go. It's the art of practicing and getting better in what you do. You'll feel free from any rules and that you are doing exactly what you want. That great feeling for comfort will make you want to keep moving forward. 

Random is something I don't recommend but sometimes, to be honest, I find is useful and ideas hit me from everywhere. Here I'll just take the next step and won't care much how good or perfect it looks cause in the end it's all my project, idea and thought which will make it perfect itself. 

There are times when you want to do something really great but your worries about perfection stops you, try to let it go this time and do what you have in mind. Eventually you'll be surprised yourself of how great and perfect your work has become all by itself. 


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