Thursday, July 12, 2012

[ReBlog] More Than a Reason

Another Reblog post for one of the inspirations I wrote long time ago just to give it more chances to read =)

Sometimes even when you do your best things just don't seem to work out. You follow every single detail and instruction, you do as you are told, you measure the quantities right and all your friends and mates are doing it but you alone haven't reached the end yet. 

You need more than a reason. 

It's not the grade that you want, it's not for impressing others only, it's not for winning. You need a strong true reason that comes from your inside. The only way you can get things straight is when you really know what you are doing and most importantly why you are doing it. 

People naturally do like the surroundings. They will study, work, make relations, be happy, get angry, fall in love, get marry, have children, start business, fail and so on. But from all these we only see few who really make the world go and develop to what it is today. That is cause they chose by themselves what they want to be in life, what to do and the mainly why. The last one is what you only need and upon that you whole life will be decided. 

Why so?!

To live like others is something anyone and everybody can do, will do and is doing around. They just go with the flow and end but like each other. They didn't do anything different. When you chose another path unlike the usual you create a new way, a bright horizon and a promising future. That too anyone can think of but not all can justify why. They will probably take it just for they parents, friends, some people challenged them or so. But when you take a path of your own will and decide the plan to put in action in order to cross it, you will definitely will for sure. 

The reason!?

Cause you are doing it to reach the end no matter what and even if it means the last thing you will have to do. While taking it in another means leads just doing it for sake for doing without considering the end of the road thus, when facing many failures will cause leaving the main thing you're working on as a result of not focusing on why you really doing it for.

The What and Why

Two things you must always consider before beginning anything in this world and upon that your result of work will be decided. Remember that it should be from your inside, a supportive factor from outside as an encouragement is okay but when forcing everything will take another turn you don't wanna be there. So think, what, then why. 


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