Sunday, May 22, 2011

Golden Tips for Learning a New Language – Part 2

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9. Culture: it's not really a main point but it will help you to learn more about the language. Knowing some of their culture is always interesting and does help you somewhat in understanding what you're learning.   

10. Relate: this is one of the powerful methods in remember a certain word pronounce and such thing. When you come to memorize a word and how it's pronounced just repeating it over and over again won't be effected as much as relating. For example; the word (you) in Japanese is (anata) that is very much like what's in Arabic (anta) both have the same meaning. If you have this in mind you can remember it easily. Another example, when writing kanji – Chinese character – you can relate each one of them to a meaning in your head like () it's more like a person standing by spreading his wide open. That's the common thing between them they look like legs which human have that means this kanji is (hito) = (person) and so on.

11. Mistake is good: don't worry if you make mistakes in learning even you make too much of them. If you happen to forget a word spelling once and wrote a wrong one then after revise you realized what's right it's this event will stick in your mind and it will be impossible to mistake in that same word again. GUARANTEE! It works always with me. It's more like remember a whole story than just a word's spelling or what so.

12. Patience: it's not just here alone we need to be patience in most of matters in life but when learning a new language it's a special thing. Even though you learn many many rules and grammars next to the hundreds of vocabularies you find yourself not understanding all of the language from a native for example. Every now and then the turns out to be another grammar to learn despite the other ones you covered. This is a natural thing, remember it's not just how to turn on a machine or do some daily works you are learning a whole new language and it does need a lot of time to be fluent in it. You have to study with patience and you'll get to your point. 

13. Determination: failing at the beginning is something natural and likely to happen. Don't get upset by a new language's hard grammar rules or what others say about it's difficulty. There will be times when you make the same mistake in the very same thing or can't understand something, don't give up be determinate about what you're doing. If you are will to learn this language then you will despite all the obstacles that will come in your way. Remember that you're doing this cause you chose it no one else asked you for it so you have to be sure of what you're doing and will get to the point some day. If you don't have confident in yourself and don’t determinate about what you're doing then you many not success.      

14. Repeat: it's almost as revising. The common thing between them that you do it over and over again. When you don't understand grammar rules in the first time repeat them again until you get them. It's also a good way of memorizing.

Difference between Repeating and Revising
Repeating: for understanding or memorizing in the same time over and over again.
Revising: to callback (recall) what you forgot and stick the info in your mind and it goes on different period of time; day to day, week to week, month to month or hours to hours.

15. Stress and Intonation: when you speak a language try to focus on the intonation for natives and stress points in the words or sentences. This will help you sound more naturally and almost native.

16. 30 Min. a day better than 3.5 hours a week: your time of receiving the info will be as close as it can be. Studying infrequently doesn't effect much as studying on time. Plus, when it takes a long time the mind might forget. 

17. ?
Do you have any other great idea that I didn't mentioned here?
Please do write it down, I'd love hearing from people and know and their tips when learning a new language ^^


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