Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who's Responsible ?!

It's the eleventh of May already since the time we were planning new resolutions for 2011. How did they go with you ?! Are you still on them !? I'm doing not so bad myself. Things are a little tough sometimes and obstacles come in other times but despite that all I'm on my resolutions I planned for this year.

People, by nature, always love to be on the top, be famous, lovable guy and do whatever it takes to have a pleasure life. That's why they put up planes and projects to work on so that they'll achieve what they want and make them happy. It's a fact that everyone works for two reasons: either to bring pleasure or avoid suffering.


When you get into some business then you are looking for a better life style and that makes you happy. Or maybe you don't want to be short on money that stops you from buying and doing anything you want, that's avoiding suffering. 

Based on these two points people move, work and put goals in their life. It's easy for a group to get their job done in a short time while others take longer than what they were expecting. Some, however, give up when they can't achieve their dreams. They blame what's around them for their fails. The time isn't good, no  one helps me, I don't have the materials and whatnot.

I defiantly won't say that these things aren't important but they are must in order to reach your goals. Think of it this way, when you set some points to reach in your life did you see to what's around you or not ?! Did anyone else beside you choose those goals for you ?! Who is the one who dreamed about things no one told them to ?!

The answer is: YOU!

Yes, it's you. You set these for yourself. There isn't one power in this whole world that forced you to do them neither that can stop you. Dreams start small within a person for any reasons he sees then he starts to work on them. He doesn't dream for what around him rather he dreams to bring something that isn't there. All these are done by you and your willing. If you're really willing to success then will reach your point. However, if you don't then you're dream won't come true but the main reason for your failure won't be the circumstances. NO! It'll be you yourself. 

A person is the main reason and responsible for everything happens to him. His success, failure, happiness, sadness, pleasure and so on. If you heard a gossip on you from someone, don’t blame that guy for ruining your relation with someone. It's you the one who decide whether to take their talk or not. Stuff like these happens and will happen, you are the one who's in control to take stuff as you see. If you want everything to be alright then don't give an ear to those nonsense without any base. If you aren't careful then you might end up letting down yourself.


It's not just these, there are many other matters too in your life. 
Take a look and you'll know what I mean ;)


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