Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From Yesterday to Today's Life

It feels like it was just yesterday when everything seemed sweet and easy to us. We wouldn't care about anything in life but when to play, meet with friends and rest down as long as we want. Time passes by so quickly and now we know there's more in life than just to live in.

Life~ it's one of those things that has many meanings and thoughts that differs from one to another person. Some may see it as an easy thing, while others hate it cause of all the hardness they're going though. Most of them, anyhow, don't care or  know what life is all about. They simply just live, eat, sleep, work then at the end they'll die without doing anything to keep them on mind after their death.

Life in Points of View

Like I said, life has its owning meanings which change from one to another guy. There are those who love it, hate it, don't care, change their mind or simply just go with what there is in life.

Love life … it's so beautiful <3
It's that group of people who see all life pink X pink. No pain, no sadness no nothing that spoils life. It's a wonderful blessing they got and spend every single moment without a waste.

Life SUCKS >.<''
Sorrow, revenge and hater. A black cloud above their head all the time. The world is going to come to its end at anytime. A disaster is one opening a door away. The ground will crumble, sky will fall down and everything is bad.

Okay, I think you got the picture already. These people don't like love and see it bad in any dimension. A group of anti-life lovers if you can call them. Probably from all the hard times they are have their sight turned into black toward life -_-;

Maybe Yes… Maybe No. Life That Is 
Yes, it's wonderful. I just got a job I love my life. No, it's horrible. I can't go to that trip I planned for weeks. So?! It's kinda depends on the situation around them. If what happens is good then it's an okay life otherwise it's the total opposite thing. All the matter of mood.

Catching Life's Goodies
As we all know, life isn't on one wave all the time. It goes up then comes down. It might be there some time before going high again. Although it's down it'll defiantly go up again and some do believe in that. They go on hard times but don’t give up. Despite the bad things they look to the bright side of life and take advantages to everything comes on their way >>>my opinion B)

Life is … LIFE!!!
A simple one ever. It's that type of people who don't care about the meanings and don't complain about anything at all. Not that they are happy with life no, they just don't like to bother themselves with anything and go with whatever comes on the way. So, life is just life to them!

Everyone has his own view toward life according to what he's living on or what he believes in. But one thing we all know that no one is going to live forever one day we're all going to die sooner or later. I'm not saying this for pessimism but what I want to point out here is an important thing. 
It's a normal or should I say must to eat, sleep work and carry on in life. These are important in order to survive. Once you come in the end – of your life – you'll leave this world then you're all gone. But not all! Some do live after their death. The great ones, those who did super things in life before going. Even now you can hear their news and see people talking about them as if they are still here with us. And that what makes them alive.

Being dead isn't just leaving the world same goes with being alive doesn't just carrying on with the essentials of everyday's tasks. To be alive is to be around with people with your works and projects you did for them even when you live the world. And being dead is that no one knows you even when you are in the world.

We are human being with great blessings. One of them is brain that what differs us from animals. We gotta use it in order to create better life on earth. If someone lives just to eat and sleep and he passes away, that doesn't make him any different from an animal. What's the unlike faces between them?! They all did nothing. But if you leave you spot on everybody's life then will be with them all the time even after you pass away. Cause your projects and works will represent you and you'll be there forever.

I'm not saying change the whole world or a country. Even the town you're living in will do great. Just do something that will never die even though the passage of time. Anything that is useful that can't be erased something memorable and speaking you all the time.  

Don’t you see the statues of great people ? their works talk about them as if they are here. In fact, the projects and achievements themselves are them. Even google celebrates famous people around the year.

So, what about you ?! What do you think about life ?!  
And what did you do in it to talk about you life-time long ?! 


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