Monday, May 2, 2011

Speak UP!

Talking is one of the important ways to communicate with others around us. People talk ALMOST all day long, it's a must-to-do thing in our daily life. Like any other matter, it can be used for good or bad stuff. Gossips can ruin relation between couples while encouraging can lift someone's spirit high and change their lives. It depends on how one uses talking to effect on others.

Another subject I experienced that often happens to me is ... misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding happens when things aren't clear, the whole idea isn't discussed right or when lying. Sometimes, one may not say everything to the other person so they won't get hurt but instead he himself takes all the trouble for keep one single detail away.

Say for example that you're friend invited you for a little party at their place and you have some important work to finish but since you don't say NO to anyone and you didn't like to let your friend down so left your work till sometime later and went to the party. Later on, you came to do your work at not-a-very-good-time and may feel a little disturbed that you went to the party in the first place.


If you don't like to do or go somewhere say it right away, specially if it's going to delay you on your duties. SPEAK UP! Don't hesitate to say what's on your mind, say it in a friendly way and explain to others why you can't do it. It can lead to misunderstanding if you kept it up like that. No one is forced to do stuff they don't want, speak out and say what you got.


Yes! I learnt that from my experiences that if I don't talk in the right time it may effect on me. Sometime ago when I was back in high school I used to be the girl who doesn't refuse any request – sometimes even the ones I can't really do! – I know it's not a good thing but what I didn't know that time that this it wrong. I took and did all they wanted from me and by time I started to feel annoyed and I noticed that it's keeping me back from my duties. Then I realized how wrong I was. Surly I'm not saying don't help others, it's a good thing, but don’t over do it and do as much as you can.

Now, whenever I feel like not doing something I tell it right away even if someone asks me a question and I don't know it's answer I just spill it out that I simply DON'T KNOW. I feel a lot better this way, that I say what's on my mind, whether I know it or not and keep everything clear for everyone no place for misunderstanding at my place J.

It's very important matter to speak up and keep everything understood. So how about you ? do you speak up your mind ?! Have you ever had something for not clearing things for others that led you into a misunderstanding ?!


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