Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Create a Photobucket Slideshow

Photobucket~ is a popular image and video host that I like to use. In the beginning it was just for picture host later they did some updates and enabled video hosting along with other features that made Photobucket all time favorite hosting site for media.

One of the many great features in photobucket is the slideshow. You can upload any album to your account then make a slideshow for it. Pretty neat and unique ^^

To make your own slideshow for your album, follow these steps:

1.      After signing in your account go to the album you are going to make a slideshow of.
2.      From the menu above choose (Tools)
3.      Click on (slideshows)

Here you are going to make it, easy as 1,2,3 once you are finished by saving it your slideshow will be ready to publish. Just copy the HTML code from the box on the right and post it wherever you want. Blog, site, post, livejournal or anywhere else. 



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