Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just For Today

Just for today
forget your worries
and enjoy the moment
right where you are!

Just for today

shut off your mobile
phone and speak
to the real people
you have around you.

Just for today
be confident and
never let anyone
brings you down!

Just for today

rise up early and watch
a magnificent sunrise!

Just for today
dream BIG
dreams no matter
how impossible
they seem to be. 

Just for today
think of the three
legacies you would
like to leave behind.

Just for today
be patient to the
people who annoy
you, never let them
ruin your day.

Just for today
never complain for
a difficult task, but
treat it as a challenge
to become a
stronger person.

Just for today
try not to attach your
self worth to the
job you are doing,
because you are
worth so much
more than that!

Just for today
cultivate the virtue
of benevolence
and be like the
sun that shines for
all without taking
anything in return.

Just for today
never think you are
too old to start
something you
really love to do.

Just for today
allow your heart to
be vulnerable, for
only in being open
can it truly learn
how to love.

Just for today
write a thank you note
to someone you
have not appreciated
for a long time.

Just for today
try not to watch
television in the
evening, try some
star gazing instead!

Just for today
pack your things, go
to the beach and
listen to the
soothing sound of
crashing waves.


Just for today
forgive your rivals
and feel a great burden
lifted up from your heart.

Just for today
drive with no destination
in mind and try to
enjoy the thrill of
the journey instead.

Just for today
get a notebook and
write down everything
you still desire to
happen in your life,
feel them coming true!

Just for today
Reconnect to the
Source of all
Life and Love and Joy.

Just for today
remember that you
are beloved.



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