Monday, May 23, 2011

Strange Rings (Pictures)

Another picture post about those totally amazing stuff that make you wonder if a human being just like us made such stuff !!! Today's post is about rings but not just any ring.

They are special and made in a unique, strange yet super CREATIVE way, take a look yourself and you'll know what I mean B)

Prepare to be amazed!! 

hx he صور ha hg hx he 1920 صور ha
hg صور خواتم روحانيه صور خواتم الخطوبه صور خواتم صور
غريبة الناس صور غريبة صور غريبة الحلقوم صور بسبوسة صور
Love it!
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم صور بسام كوسا صور روعة السعدي
Not sure if it's a tiger or a snake?! Still pretty neat B)
صور روعة صور روعة الكون
That's it! What do you think ?! B)


Sarafan said... Add Reply

I Like those golden rings with houses carved out of them, really these antics are nice and good to have.

Azuma-chan said... Add Reply

@Sarafan sweet and awesome indeed
I'd take the elephant cause I think it's really cute or the tiger it's cool B)

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