Sunday, May 15, 2011

Talking About Confident - B

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Thank you Mr. Hater … I'm A Diamond Now!!!
Here's a fact about me: I'm one of those people who got bullied when I was a kid. I'm not sorry for that or saying it out of sorrow in fact I'm truly grateful to them, cause if it weren't for them I wouldn't have become this strong, deal with different kind of people and over come my weakness points. Some get really mad and angry when they see those people who they used to bully has succeeded.

You see a diamond is a beautiful stone but it's always placed on a black velvet not to hide anything yet to show it's true beauty. And that diamond is … YOU!
Yes, you. That velvet is the (haters) those who keep on hating, teasing and talking about you. By that way they let all the sights go toward you and .. you are the one under the lights! They help you to show the true brightness of yourself, they let you have all the highlights by talking about you all the time. You should be happy with this!

Confident is one of the (ingredients) of success. It's a must if you are looking toward a high level life. If you aren't feeling happy either with what you are doing with just within yourself. Or not secure and think you aren't going to make it then you don’t have confident in yourself. You should work on the right away and gain trust to reach your goals in life.

If you believe there is something you won't success at or don't feel like doing it then that's the exact thing you need right now. These stuff are here to teach you and you have to learn from them. They will show you life and sharp your ax to counting life by cutting with that ax every obstacle that comes in your way.  

Don’t you see a clay and how it get pressed and squeezed to form a shape. If that doesn't work then it have to burn to hundreds or thousands of temperature and in the end a beautiful master piece is born. It's all a part of growing up.

To live in this life is all about experience. You'll meet good and bad people. Happy and sad events. Successful and failure results. But as long as you have the confident and trust within you that you can over came these and do your job perfect you are on the right way and going to live a happy life. Don't fall back and stop your world for something not worth it. You are the main start of your story so make it they best one ever.

* Have confident in yourself that you can do it, worth it and believe in you*


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