Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rude People Online

I bet there's not a single person who didn't have the experience of meeting up with a rude guy online. The internet, you see, is more like a tiny picture of the world where you can see all people from any place and deal with any kind of matter.

Rude people: - Are those who annoy people for no reason.
-  Act with horrible attitude and manner.
- (Obviously) say R.U.D.E. words.
- Or even take away (steal) your stuff sometimes.

Talking with rude people is really annoying, they can spoil your mood or make you go into long none-profit arguments with them. It is not possible to clear your surfing without getting to know one of them, however, you can avoid them in someway or another.

How to deal with rude people online?

* If a person is being rude to you by writing comment or message don't reply.
* Delete that post he put so you won't get annoyed next time when you see it.
* While talking with some one on chat, msn or skype and you noticed that he/she is a rude guy, stop talking and go away – you may delete that person if you want (I do that, cause I know he/she won't be much of a company for me).
* In case the person is being rude with you for some specific reason try to talk it out with him in a friendly way, if that does stop him from bugging then it's good otherwise avoid that person.
* You can also use the (Blacklist) to put those annoying people into.

My Experience With Rude People

Like any other normal person, I too, met up with these kind of people online. At first I thought it's just this guy then I met more of them. I use to take stuff personally like; talking back, chatting in friendly way to tell them stop bugging me, went into long arguments without any result and so on of these no use methods with them. Later, I realized that they are nothing to me, like, why should I take it personally?! I don't know them and they don't know me. The best thing I ever did with them is …. IGNORING!

Whenever I do that they stop bothering me and go away by themselves. Any annoying message or post is deleted and if someone is being rude in chat, I just leave the place. It's that simple.

It's an important thing I realized and you should know it too. You have to keep the peace of your mind and soul and never ever take what others say if it's not going to benefit you.

What about you ?!
Have you meet any rude people online before ?!
What did you do to avoid them ?!   


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