Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sometimes, it's Okay to GIVE UP!

A little girl had a dream once that she'll be a doctor in the future. She planned all her works and studies upon this dream and went with it. Whenever someone used to ask her about her goal; "I'll be a doctor and help others in their had times!" she used to shout out! 

Years passed by and she got into high school. There, most of the girls were more interested in stuff beside school. Only she the one who kept to her plan to reach that goal she always dreamed of. Sometimes, she used to get really tired and felt the heavy duty upon her shoulders but then, imagines herself in that white cost and everyone is calling her (Doctor). She gets charge up just for that vision and start on studying again.

On the graduation day from high school she got a very high percentage that qualified her to enter that section she was planning for years. Only one day before the interview she was very nervous. Thinking a lot, can't eat, drink, sleep or even breath. What will it be?! That question is often asked herself over and over again.

When the day came …. everything was blown away in a blink of eye!

Yes! She didn't pass the interview! They didn't like her and she herself didn't do well. Being confused and lost in words, she couldn't get their interest and attention, thus she failed.

Felt as if it's the world's end. All her friends and family were excepting something huge and good news and she didn't tell them anything. Some time later they all found out that she didn't make it. All her dreams are gone now. All that she worked for hard and studied the days and nights are gone.

Day after day she felt she's dyeing. Until that moment came when her father told her "Just because you didn't success in one thing that doesn't mean you can't do anything anymore. Why not try another one?!"

At the beginning it was a bit disappointment to her since it's not that easy to give up a dream you worked for a long time. Then, she thought "Why not give it a try?!"

So it was and she choose a new path beside her dream (Physics) she never thought that she'll take that one day and even don't like it. In fact all the numbers related with time really make it harder for her but she decided to take the challenge.

As they say (There's a first time for everything) and it sure was a first time for her to go through this experience. She used to fail sometimes and get it right other times and laugh when she makes a stupid mistake but as time passed by she really started to love what she's learning and get more into it.

One day an idea sparked into her mind and thought of making an invention that filters water with electric charge. She thought; "if I didn't make it in my life long dream, I can start a new one from here!" It was hard in the beginning but with little practice and lots of patient she finally did her invention and became the first woman in her country to came up with such project. 

All this happened not because of her hard work. This is something she never worked for or even dreamed of. It's all happen because she gave up that dream that didn't work out for her in the first time.
Sometimes it's okay to give up!

Like in this girl's story, once she gave up an old dream she succeeded. Otherwise, she could have been in that black hole of frustration forever! Giving up here not in means of failing but in means of correcting what you're really doing.

At time we want something really bad then don't or can't get it. Maybe that's not the thing which is meant to us, therefore, we fail to achiever it. But! We have to keep on working until we know what really is our goal in life.

If you ever lose in something that defiantly doesn't mean you’re a loser you just aren't doing your stuff and it's something else. Try another thing for a change and look up for your real goal in life B)   


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