Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To Forgive is Not to Forget

Misunderstandings happen in life which can lead to some wrongs in one's right. Maybe a friend doubted you or the neighbor gossiped about you. It can be someone dear sometimes; like your mother, sister or son. People can hurt each other by actions or words whether they did it on purpose or not you will feel bad about this. At this moment when they realize that they come to apologize.

They ask forgiveness and want you to be pleased with them again. Forgiving others is a noble thing but some people seems to be taking this as a tool to get what they want and let you bo please on them too.

When someone makes a mistake or be unfair to you anyhow then you don't forgive them that means you are not pleased with what they did to you. The opposite is right. If you do forgive them that means whatever wrong thing they did to you is okay and fine by you.

I'm not saying not to forgive anyone who was wrong to you. What I'm trying to say that before you do so, look into the person's action. Was is on purpose ? did he mean you by it? Or it was just another misunderstanding and didn't mean anything more than doing it in the wrong way ?! I think this is really important. Because those who don't want to be unfair with you deserve to be forgiven but for those who just insist on hurting you shouldn't be. They don't care about you all they think about is their selves and that everyone is pleased upon them.    

In both cases you shouldn't forget about what happened. Well, at least that's what I think and my point of view. A wound on a hand and a clean hand with no wounds at all are defiantly not the same. No matter what you do you will always knew they did something wrong with you. Not saying to take action against their mistakes just to keep in mind what they did one day to you. It's more like you aren't happy with what they did. You didn't like that, to be hurt, to be unfair to by someone else.

I believe that (forgiveness) is one of those subjects that has many opinions that differ from person to another. So, what do you think about it ?!  
And does forgive mean not to forget to you too ?!


Granni said... Add Reply

I can personally relate to your post. I don't hold grudges usually that I know of. But there are three people that I know who I can't be friends with anymore. Because I feel like I can't trust their friendship. Something happened along our mutual friendship and it bothered me so much that I don't want to be associated with them anymore. I don't know how it will turn out but I have to live with one of them next year :T idk what will happen but I'll try my best to not fight with them or anything because I don't like fighting anyways. I feel better about what happened because she apologized but I definitely will not be their friend anymore. And I don't think she even cares so its good. Theres this one quote my mom always says to me and I think it is very true. It goes along the lines of this: As time passes, the true self appears. It was in chinese so I did some translation to make it make sense.
Btw thank you for reading my blog! I like ur comments, it makes me feel as though my posts are worth writing :)
I will read your blog regularly :)

Azuma-chan said... Add Reply

@Granni I see your point
yes, it's better to avoid those who you don't want to be around and it's a good thing that she doesn't care I think it makes things a bit easier in a way or another =)

Oh, you are most welcome anytime
nothing to it really. I like reading your post. I'm a sharing person and always like to express what's on my mind. Thank you for being a loyal reader and same goes to you >3

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