Sunday, May 15, 2011

Talking About Confident - A

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Here's a topic I heard about from a good friend of mine and obviously as the title says it's about confident.

~So, what is confident?!
It's to trust and believe in yourself. Believe that you can do any work you are required to. You can pass it and do it perfectly.

As we know not all people are the same, they differ from one to another and not all of them have the same amount of confident. But the common thing about them is confident mostly related with success. Like; if I have confident I'll get a new job. I'll meet new friends. I'll pass my test or interview. So, it's one of the important matters for everyone's personality in order to success in life.

Know Yourself
Get to know yourself, your strength points and weakness spots so that you know what is better for you and go on it and what's bad for you to leave it or over come it. You have to trust in yourself and do what you really like not what others tell you to do. When you don't know yourself people tell you who you are or what to do, this way you aren't doing what you want you are just following people's wishing and that won't help build any self confident with in you … get to know yourself, it's the first way to get confident.

Take Your Time
Do you have a friend or any close guy who are doing the same thing but he/she is progressing faster than you and you feel like you are left behind?! Don't worry and look at the bright side of the story. Now you have more time to observe what's around you. You're taking you time in learning and getting to know at more stuff at your work or whatever you are on.

Whenever some take a longer time in progressing that doesn't mean he's doing bad and won't make it. Trust yourself that you are doing to learn more than your friend and you're taking your time in learning. So, have confident in yourself.

Did you commit a mistake in the past that prevented you from doing anything now?! Do you feel guilty for that ?! Or that you can't do it again cause of the incident ?! well, in case you didn't know. Committing mistakes is part of growing up. When we try something and it turns out bad we learn a new thing. It's discovering the world. And no matter what you do now that mistake just happened and ended already. It's all in the past now. The important thing you have to concentrate on right now is the present.

Think +++Positive+ + +
This is an essential part in be confident. All what you think of is going to reflex on your actions. If you think you are able to do a work you are going to do it. When you finish that work and see what a great job you did you'll feel confident. The reverse can happen too. If you think or make believe that you aren't able to do something you end it not finishing you task – even if you are good at it – then  you loss confident in yourself. It's really an important issue you should always think positive and things will work on that way. 
Trust in yourself!


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