Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hidden Key in Your Keyboard

Did you know there's hidden key in your keyboard that anyone hardy notices it?! It looks common and used only for one task by most of us, but it really can do more than the one task. 

That hidden key would be ... 
 The windows key

Here are the tasks it does:

1. Clicking on it shows and hides the start menu. 
2. Windows + Break (on the number's key) opens the window for the system's properties.
3. Windows + D, shows the desktop. 
4. Windows + M, minimizes all the open windows.
5. Windows + M +Shift, maximizes all the open windows. 
6. Windows + E, opens My Computer
7. Windows + F, to search for files and folders. 
8. Windows + F + Ctrl, to search for files within your network
(when connect with more than one PC)
9. Windows + F1, for windows help. 
10. Windows + L, to lock the keyboard. 
11. Windows + R, to open run.

See how a little thing everybody thinking they know all about it can really do?! There are a lot more in the computer world just roam around and discover more things B)


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