Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life Worth Living

I'm not sure what is everyone's life status they're living but there is one thing I certainly believe that life doesn't always have the same tone. It's high then low, then again surprises come and go and so on it goes. 
It's Heaven
When we know that we won a contest, a lottery or even a lover! It seems that life is all full of happiness and good stuff that we want to live everyday to the fullest. It seems so sweet like heave <3

Desperate days
Trying many times and not getting any results on them make you feel truly miserable. You wish you just didn't come to this world and wont' have to face any of these trouble. The matter gets worse when someone rude spoils your mood ever more. 

Hard times
Things just keep on getting worse and worse every time. It's when the desperate days keep on for a long time you enter the hard times where you feel like you'll falling apart and there's not a single person in this world when can give you a hand that is if they consider you there in life in the first place!

More and more
We all try to have the best life style for ourselves, we work as much as we can. learn as much as possible and seek for the finest food anywhere. Sometimes, even though we're giving it all we got we just don't get satisfied with it.

There are rude people, hard times, bad mood, unpleasant events and so many things that make you don't like life, thinking of running away, being something else and always wonder where the world end up being like this. At this point you have to let is all go and concentrated on the good stuff in life. 

I mean like really! Who care with these people?! The main purpose is being happy in life. These things will come whether we like it or not, all we gotta do it ignore, deal with, work out, let it go and take it easy. At the end, our peace of mind and soul all that matters. Who care about the rude ones!? Why would we occupy our mind with them?! 
We can think with lots of personal fun stuff to do, a project or anything unrelated to our misery. We're here to live once, we only got that one life, so why waste it one unnecessary stuff?!

The point is, life is really short and it's beautiful too. You are in charge of it, if you can lead it to depression so why not change the path and do something more cheerful?! You are responsible for your life and no one else, so take it to its happiness rather than waiting for someone else to do it =)


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