Saturday, May 5, 2012

No Harming Being Nice

Knowing this world you probably aware of the variety that exists. There's the good, the bad, the kind, the rude, the funny and lovable and so on. Facing a nation with undesired manners isn't any new topic for today. They were there all the time, even when you feel like you want to stop being nice just because of them or they don't deserve it, you can try one more time and be the kind person you were before. 
... they are the rude ones not you!

Maybe you were that helpful person who helps anyone whenever they need it. 
Or seek for those who can't finish a task on their own, a generous one perhaps. 
All those good manner and things nowadays people are looking for, 
so why did you stop that anyway?! Well, there could be more than an answer for that one;

  • People took your kindness for granted
  • You got sick of how people treat you in return
  • Feeling that ugly thought of being used
  • Seeing how it doesn't make any different with people
  • The world just keep on taking advantage of you 
  • No one treats you back like you do
All those and other things can really lead to depression and change your attitude, it's your right after all and the mind can't take much more of how the reaction that comes toward it. But then again if you think of it you'll realize that good manners has nothing to do with people, well at least most of it, the main point it shows your inner self and true value of your thoughts. Considering you're still being nice to those who treat you badly and whenever you ask for a favor you do it with a big smile on your face shows the really essential personality. 

I'm totally against those rude people but sometimes there's no harm in being nice. 
  • Smile when you pass alone a group of people even if there's someone you dislike. 
  • Lead a hand to anyone who needs it, and don't look to that situation past it. 
  • Seek for everyone and talk about how their days were. 
  • Spread the love and share your good
  • Greet anyone on your way, and reply back to them also. 
You may get that feeling of (She's not like that with me, why should I be nice?!) or (They never said HI to me before) or even (I don't want to be nice with them, they are rude and don't deserve it!) It's okay not to respond to some people but remember that good manners is the reflection of your own self. So, no harm in being nice to the world once every while =)


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