Thursday, May 31, 2012

Social Media & You

Facebook, twitter, Buzz, tumblr, Google+, My Space and all the other media out there have became a part of our daily life. Almost all users have these or at least one of them. 

I do admit that the social media made life a lot more interesting or that is from my point of view. There are many success stories, interesting ones where people found their old school friend or even member of families, those who's life changed to better or worse sometimes. 

In every case there's one common thing between them, social media is becoming the new addiction for this generation. No matter how much good you get our of it, you have to remember that you are the one who controls not controlled which is most of the people are going through. Today's post is about a little to help you control this madness wave of the online society. 

 5 Simple Rules to Control Social Media 

1. Fix your time
Always consider how much time you're going to spend in any social media. Give some time to other activities online beside that. You can check the for an hour and half or so. Don't just open it and forget where you have started and how you ended at whatever point you're in. 

2. Know what you want
What are you looking for in any social media?! Is it chatting?! Reconnecting with friends?! Showing your latest vacation photos?! Or just checking on friends?! You have to know why you are here, so you won't end up roaming around for nothing but waste of time. 

3. Every other day 
Though social media is all about updates for people's daily life, I don't think it's a bad idea to fix days of the week to log in and post your stuff alone with other activities back there. Going there every day might just be a lost of time so reconsider some days for it. 

4. Follow Pages you're really interested in 
One of the matters I noticed with some users that they follow so many pages that they don't even know what they watch anymore. Delete the ones you're not interested in and just keep the ones you are willing to know about. This will help you organize your new feeds page as well as catching up with your friends new updates. 

5. Keep it one at a time
This is a general point in the interest. Not just when you are browsing any social media but also when you are surfing. When you open many things at a time you end up just switching between them. It's better to focus on one then move to another. 

Remember, things are made to be controlled. 
Don't lose yourself and let it control you instead. 


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