Monday, May 14, 2012

Relaxation Time

After a day full of hard work and shouting with this and that with a couple of rudeness from the ones you don't like, not to mention how much you boss didn't like your work a perfect relaxation time is what we all need. 

Getting it Out of Mind
Even though it's your weekend, you're still thinking of what you'll do in the next day. I mean like planning for projects and schedules are something than taking your whole free time for work or something else. All work related stuff are necessary but they are to be taken care of in their time not on your time. You see the whole point is to get out of the routine atmosphere if you think and plan for it in your relaxation time what will there be to relax?! 

A perfect time to free your mind and let everything go by, not in a careless way. Just plan all your stuff the day before your weekend then you can start putting stuff for your free time. 

Friends or Family, it's All About you
Whether you are taking some time with your family or enjoying a game or a party outside with your friends or even decided to be on your own, all that matters that you use it to the fullest. Do stuff that you enjoy, watch many movies at a time, take the bath longer than usual, stay at the park until sunset, make the chats seems forever. They all help to relax and make you feel like you really ran out of that busy-with-work life. Something that make you relaxed and flexible.

Watch the Time 
So we are enjoying ourselves alright, and we did say that we shouldn't put up plans for work in our free time but you have to consider that time you are going to be free so you won't end up in a trouble in the next day. Let the relaxation last for a while with free mind then you can go back to the work routine again but with fresh body and willing to do it all over again. 

A relaxation is something everybody needs once in a while, 
so don't forget to give yourself one every now and then =)


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