Sunday, May 6, 2012

Balancing Attitude

In general what I talk here in this blog all are about positive thoughts and inspirations to give you fresh ideas everyday. In the last post, I mentioned how it is okay to nice with people around you no matter how they treat you back but of course that is not the case every time. There's something called Balanced Attitude, where you know how to be tough without being a hard-hearten and gentle without giving everything away. 

The Balancing Point

When you want to be serious in a situation you act firmly and tough with fairness. You want to have their attention and respect in the same time you don't want them to be afraid from you. Try to focus on your job, give straight orders and avoid side jokes. Do whatever they want in limits and don't let them use you. If they want something over your ability stop them right there and remind them of their place. This way you balanced being tough and justice. 

Then, there's that part where you have to be light. You can hear to whatever complaints people got, a problem they want it to be solved,  something bothers them and they want to work it out with you, don't turn them away and show them that you have a will to lend a hand but be ware! Don't let people use you! Don't let them take you easily just cause you are doing what they want. You maybe helping them and standing by their side but sometimes people forget and think they are granted with such kind people. Even if they get unwanted thoughts about you is better than making you go they way they like. 

Try to give what you can and tell what's in your mind when they ask for too much. When you notice they are using you and taking advantage of your kindness, try to note it out in a polite yet brilliant way. Because sometimes people just need to hear it straight from others to zap back into reality and know what they are doing.
  • Say that you can't do it and it's out of your limit. 
  • Show them that it's so much to handle. 
  • Give something in the beginning and when you keep it stop right there. 
  • Try to take another position from time to time. 
  • Talk freely and honestly about how you feel. 
Saying what you have in mind is the best way you can solve things out. And always remember to be tough but soft whenever the situation is needed without losing yourself.


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