Sunday, May 27, 2012


I always remember this rule, to be myself. I've seem many these days doing their best to be someone else. Got inspired and thought of sharing my point of view on this topic. Just reblogging a post I already wrote ^^

In the internet and the real world as well I'm always seeking something special and interesting; like information, people, companies, sites or anything of that sort. There are great articles, topics of different subjects to read ~ since reading is my favorite hobby ^_^ cool sites to wonder around and interesting people to talk with .

However, as we all know, each person has his own personality and character that makes him what he is. Otherwise if everyone were the same they would lost the value and uniqueness of itself . One can have lots of talent and interesting things within him : works – studies in the same time, speaks lots of languages, wealthy, looks cool and so on. While others don't have much to talk about, they are just simple guys with few details

When I was a kid at around 10 years old I was a girl with not much cool things to talk about. I used to see girls with super stuff they had, I mean in their personality. If I had the same thing they do I would be someone interesting ~ I thought .
But when years passed by I realized that I have my own special talents within me that makes me what I am . It doesn't have to be the same wealth that they have or the look and outfit .  

I am who I AM .

If my friend is a university student I don't have to say that I'm that too, simply because I'm not and that would be a lie . I don't want people knowing me with something I'm not, like a super star or a hero . That's just not like me at all. I want them to like me with the talents I have, not that I don't have and pretend I do!!

I'm honest all the time , don't worry about what people think about me
cause they know me just they way I am .

Always be honest with yourself and everyone . You don't have to say something that you aren't . You also don't have to be like special guys in order to be interesting . You have your own talents within you . Even if you don't ~ and I'm sure you do have , tell the truth, people will like you . Not because you are a non-talent person. NO! Because you say the truth and that's far enough for everyone to love you <3 .

If you are wearing a mask right now, I'd recommend you hardly to take that off  and show everyone your true self . Believe me you are what you are in the end and the mask has nothing to do with your personality neither it'll show good sides of you to the people around you .

I did take mine off long time ago and every buddy saw my true self . Yes, it is me now. Not that girl who was wearing a mask , Nope. This is the real one. An Asian girl, who; works, studies,  loves economy, knows how to write in a special way, connects with all her friends and can deal with any kind of person
~ these are what people told me ^_^

Take off your mask today and show the real you. In other words :


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