Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cool Christmas Snow Effect For Blogger

Got this post from the usual one, enjoy blogger people ;) 

Snow Storm Effect BloggerOver the last few years I have tried to help you get your blogs into the Christmas spirit with some neat Christmas themed gadgets.The most popular and simple of these have been the Snow Fall effects we have published.Some code added to your blog can transform the look of your site as over the Christmas period visitors are greeted with snow falling gently down the page.

This year is no different as I have a new Christmas snow effect but this time it's a snow storm with the direction of the snow fall dictated by your cursor movements.Check out the demo below then you can add it to your blog using our one click Blogger button.

View Demo Button

Add The Snow Storm Effect To Your Blog

Simply click the add to blogger button below, 
on the next page select your blog and click add widget.

That's it you now have a neat seasonal look on your blog.
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