Thursday, December 20, 2012

Your True Worth

A man was giving a literature about believing in one’s self then he pulled out a 500 note from his wallet and said: “If I were to give this away to anybody for free?! Who would take it!?” Many people raised their hands in favor of taking it, then he squished the note with his plame and asked again ; "Does anybody still want it?!" The hands didn't go down, there were still up. Again he throw it on the ground and stepped on it, it was very filthy and got some dirt on it, lastly he asked; "Anyone!?" They still wanted it. 

Then he said, we people are like the note of money. We fail down, get upset and even get some depression dirt on us but we don't lose our value just like you guys wanted it cause despite getting through all that it remind the same in the value. 

So, that's how life is. You will fall down and go through a lot but your worth will be the same. The factors and going through won't change a bit from it.   


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